Learn the EXACT steps on How to Run a Successful LOW BACK Workshop in your Gym or Clinic
(including 7 specific drills to teach)

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The Definitive Guide to 
Marketing, Planning, and Executing 
a Profitable and Credibility-Boosting Workshop
From our team of healthcare and fitness business experts at Movement Rx.  
We have done at least 150 of these workshops (we lost count a while back), turning thousands of attendees into clients while earning the credibility to become the GO TO place for long term health and fitness in our market. 

The marketing tools and assets to use to maximize attendance.

Minute by minute breakdown of a successful workshop

The proven techniques we use in our Low Back workshops and how to teach them.

Pricing guidance and how to sell additional services at the workshop

...plus a bunch of other really useful insights we learned the HARD WAY that will help make your workshop worthwhile.
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